A Theology of Sin


By Jeff Paton

Here I attempt to go where angels fear to tread... or at least theologians!

As I pondered the subject that I am writing about, I wanted a title that would be short and too the point, but yet, one that would tell it all. A Theology of Sin is what I called it, but it is not a correct title at all. You see, theology is a study of God. Theos, (God) + logos, (word or thought) which we append to a noun to indicate "the study of." The study of theology is the study of God. The term however, is used in connection with anything that relates to God, directly or indirectly. In systematic theology the study of sin is properly called hamartiology. This is a better word for this subject but few would understand the title if I were to use it. Sin as a subject does not have any direct relationship to the nature of God, it is the direct opposite of the primary attribute of God, which is holiness. Sin is therefore known by its negative relationship to the holy nature of Almighty God. Sin can only be derived from that which is absolute; God is absolute good - there is no absolute evil, for only God is absolute.  

Because this article seeks to discuss the issue of sin, it brings many areas into the discussion at hand. To understand sin, we must understand holiness. To understand the exceedingly sinfulness of sin, we must examine the necessity of the atonement. The nature of this subject demands lengthy discussions in many of these areas.  Since many of the chapters will be considerably long, I will attempt to break each chapter out in a way that it can be isolated and read by itself as an independent article. I believe that this format will be of the greatest benefit to the reader.  

As the reader examines the arguments in each section, I can assure him/her that they will be shocked at many of the conclusions. I will readily admit that many of the conclusions that are made may make you uncomfortable - in fact, they make me uncomfortable! What I desire to know is the truth of the matter without theological interjections that try to explain away the facts. Scripture, and not theology is to be our guide. Theology plays an important part in understanding and explaining these concepts, but it must bow to a superior lord; the Scriptures.      

A Christian can never be too serious about sin! A Christian can however, not take sin seriously enough, and in doing so cause themselves irreparable and eternal harm! 

SIN is not a friend; it is not merely a bump in the road of spirituality! 

Sin will take you further than you ever wanted to go.., Sin will keep you longer than you ever wanted to stay..., and sin will cost you more than you can ever pay.., It will cost you, even your eternal soul!

Eternity; beyond the comprehension of all time!

Sin is not only your enemy, but God's.


 A Theology Of Sin

The Holiness of God

What is Sin?

The Wages of Sin

The Depravity of Man

The Grace of God

Sin and the Atonement

Must we Sin?

Chastisement and the Christian




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