The Antinomian on Judgment Day               

                                 A Fictional Account                                  

                                                   By John Fletcher                                                    


O, if faith alone turn the scale of justifying evidence at the bar of God, how many bold Antinomians will claim relation to Christ, and boast that they are interested in his imputed righteousness! How many will say with the foolish virgins, " 'Lord! Lord! we are of faith, and Abraham's children. In thy name'  we publicly opposed all legal professors, traduced their teachers as enemies to thy free grace; and, ' to do thee service,' made it our business to expose the righteousness, and cry down the good works of thy people; therefore, ' Lord! Lord! open to us!' "  But, alas! far from thanking them for their pains, without looking at their boasted faith, he will dismiss them with a " Depart from me, ye that work iniquity!"  As if he said -

 "Depart, ye that made the doctrine of my atonement a cloak for your sins, or 'sewed' it as a 'pillow under the arms of my people,' to make them sleep in carnal security, when they should have ' worked out their salvation with fear and trembling.'  You profess to know me, but I disown you.  My sheep I know: them that are mine I know.  

The seal of  my holiness is upon them all : the motto of it,( Let him that nameth the name of Christ depart from iniquity,)  is deeply engraven on their faithful breasts, - not on yours, ye  'carnal,' sold under sin!"  " ' And why called ye me, Lord! Lord! and did not the things which I said?'  Why did even use my righteousness as a breastplate, to stand it out against the word of my righteousness ; and as an engine to break both tables of my law, and batter down my holiness?  Your heart condemns you, ye ' sinners in Zion!  Ye salt without savour!"  Ye believers without charity!  And am not I 'greater than your heart?'  And 'know' I not 'your works?'  Yes, ' I know that the love of God is not in you,' for you despised one of these brethren.  How could you think to deceive me, ' the Searcher of hearts and Trier of reins?'  And how did you dare call yourselves by my name?  As if you were my people? My dear people? Mine elect? Are not all my peculiar people  ' partakers of my holiness,' and 'zealous of good works?  Have I not chosen to myself the man that is godly,' and protested that ' the ungodly shall not stand in judgment, nor sinners,' though in sheep's clothing, ' in the congregation of the righteous?'  And say I not to the wicked, though he should have been one of my people, Lo ammi, Thou art none of my people now.  'What hast thou to do with taking my covenant in thy mouth?'  You denied me in works, and did not wash your hearts from iniquity in my blood ; therefore, according to my word, ' I deny you,' in my turn, ' before my Father and his holy angels.'  Perish your hope, ye hypocrites : and utter darkness be your portion, 'ye double minded!  Let fearfulness surprise you,'  ye tinkling cymbals! Let the fall of  your Babels crush you, ye towering professors of my humble faith!  Fly, 'ye clouds without water; ye chaff,'  fly before the blast of my righteous indignation!  'ye workers of iniquity!  Ye Satans transformed into angels of light! Ye cursed, depart!' "