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X Our newest article is ANOTHER CHRIST, which deals with the false Christ's many false teachers have. I was spurred on to comments since a recent concerted attempt by a group of rabid Antinomians have taken me to task and attacked me. I pray that this article once and for all erases the lie that I am in favor or soft on Legalism. I pray that the article will be profitable and help others. 

r Future plans are in the works to cross-reference specific passages and their commentary in the "Bible Verses Discussed" section. This will assist those who are looking for answers on specific verses. Besides quotes from articles, I will add commentary as I have time. I will use quotes from other sources also. This will be a huge task and will take some time before a substantial amount of commentary is complied, but it will be worth it in the end.  

X  You can help! If you have a web page, please help us out by placing a link you our site. Hopefully, the more people that see these articles, the more will be challenged. Feel free to link to pages on this site while posting on Forums! Get the word out!




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